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Home Office Deduction


For the last year and a half, we have been making adjustments to the way we work. The pandemic has made working from home more common lately so it is important to capitalize on your home office deduction.  Calculating Methods To start, make sure to find a space in your home that is exclusively dedicated to your working environment.  After you have your dedicated space setup, you can calculate a “simplified” home office deduction. You can start off with two different methods. The first method is on the easier side where you do simple multiplication. Gather the square feet of

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How to coach yourself through investing in a bear market (tips from Guidline)

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Logistis’ #1 choice for retierment planing is Guideline. Guideline is on a mission to help every small business offer a 401(k). And to help participants create a retirement they can look forward to. Guideline syncs with Gusto to take care of plan administration, and offers low-cost mutual funds. And unlike many 401(k) providers, they don’t charge any additional fees on investments. Learn more about Guideline 401(k) plans here. As is such, we are reposting this Guideline atricle by NICOLLE WILLSON, J.D., CFP®, C(K)P® 24.JUN.2020. “When you decide to invest your money, you are balancing how much risk you want to

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